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An Odd Experience

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 19:48
Current Music: Naxos Library = Awesome
In my choral tech. class the other day we were discussing changing voices in middle school choirs.  Apparently when a male's voice changes, their vocal chords lengthen and thicken.  Merely knowing that the class accepted this as fact would not suffice, my professor decided to drive the point home.  She did this by having the guys stand in a line at the front of the class and consecutively sing up and down a scale.  I know.  It's not that embarassing.  But, it gets worse.  She then has the girls of the class judge, by our voices, how "long and thick" we are and place us in order.  Of course, she was referring to our "vocal chords":

professor: "Ok, ladies, who's the thickest?  And the longest?"
girls: "George, you should move down the line a little.  Yeah, right there."
professor: "So, ladies, you think George is thicker than Jonathan?  I think he's longer, myself."
(a single girl in the back begins to chuckle by this point)
professor: "Actually, I think John might be a little bit thicker."
me (and every other guy): (Are. you. serious?)

Bottom line: Choral people are strange.  I'll stick with my trombone.

Posted on 2008.12.12 at 14:05
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
I'm one hour away from completely finishing this semester.  And, like I always say, "Next semester will be better."  It's all on me, though.

In case you were wondering...

Posted on 2008.12.09 at 10:04
Current Mood: awakeawake
I'm the person who smiles as he's listening to his headphones.  No, I'm not crazy; I'm just happy.

What's your favorite?

Posted on 2008.10.25 at 12:15
Current Location: CoM
My favorite moments in music are the ones where I can't help but smile.  No matter my mood, I'm garaunteed an ear to ear smile whenever I hear one of these moments.  I find these moments in an eclectic genre pool: electronica, classical, classic rock, alternative, etc.  To be specific: When the Music's Over by The Doors, the first movement of Bruckner's 5th, Frontier Psychiatry by The Avalanches, and Radiohead's Exit Music (For a Film) to name just a few.

Have any of you guys found similar moments?  If so, what are they?  What pieces of music do this for you?

Posted on 2008.10.22 at 16:10
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Radiohead - Idioteque
Today, on my way to Astronomy, I saw something that put a smile on my face: a sorority sister wearing a shirt that read "We love the  Δ !"  And, yes, there was an exclamation point...  Way to enthusiastically reinforce stereotypes!

Posted on 2008.09.15 at 12:50
Current Location: C.o.M. Library
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Damn it, job!  Why can't I find you?!

Posted on 2008.08.16 at 23:50
Current Location: Tallahassee, FL
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Life can be so boring in an empty apartment without cable or an internet connection.  Tonight I was looking forward to sitting down and watching my first episode of SNL in the new place.  After a lengthy search, I've discovered that Comcast in Tallahassee does not carry NBC.  I'm having a really hard time buying this.  Rather, I'm having a hard time knowing that I'm buying cable without one of the major, BASIC, network channels.

Good-bye, Titusville. Hello, Tallahassee.

Posted on 2008.08.12 at 11:17
Current Location: Tallahassee, FL
Current Mood: blahblah

On Friday I finally moved into the apartment up here.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected and I'm happy to say that I'm pretty well established in the apartment already.  My first night alone I didn't feel too great, in fact, I felt pretty bad.  Luckily, a night out helped the  gloomy mood dissapate and I have yet to see it again.  I've really started getting back into practicing again (thank God), and I'm feeling pretty good about the auditions in two weeks.  On the other hand, I'm not feeling too good about finding a job.  I've always hated the process of finding a job; I feel so lost and hopeless.  Later today I'm going to stop by Starbucks to try and work my magic.  Wish me luck.

Hey, all you people in Titusville!  Guess what?  There are NO mosquitos up here.  I've been bitten less in the past four days than I was in four seconds back in Titusville.  Be jealous.

Posted on 2008.08.05 at 11:48
Current Location: Titusville, FL
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
 It blows my mind how quickly and drastically a person's situation can change.

Seriously, America?

Posted on 2008.08.02 at 12:16
Current Mood: blankblank

Last night was Ky's birthday, so several of us pre-gamed at Will's before going downtown.  It was to be a momentous occasion: my first American bar experience.  Driving laps around downtown Orlando was surprisingly amusing as was trying to find our way to the bar, I-Bar.  So, we make it in and dance a bit, which spawned quite a thirst in me.  I have Brian get me a beer.  Halfway through the beer I set it down just as a bouncer comes up to me and pulls up my shirt sleeves looking for a band.

"You gotta leave."
"Really?  Why?"
"Because I'm kicking your ass out!"

Then began the two hours of wandering, lost, around downtown.  I had nobody's number so I ended up talking to way too many homeless people.  To sum it all up, my Friday night consisted of being thrown out of a bar for drinking.  Oxymoron?

America, you're the best.

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